Your credit score is made up of several different factors, which are each considered slightly differently by the various credit bureaus. It is hard to predict how much a credit score will be impacted over time. For example, if you are using Grow Credit but you are still behind on other debts or applying for many loans at once, you may not see the positive results you are hoping for. On the other hand, if you are combining Grow Credit with other credit-building methods, such as Experian Boost, or a secured card with another company, having more lines of credit that are being paid on time may grow your credit even more quickly than you would expect.

According to a platform study conducted in March 2021, the average user experiences a FICO score increase of 51 points after 12 months of using Grow Credit, but it is difficult to determine how those scores were impacted by other factors as well.*

*Data is based on an analysis of 13,125 users’ monthly FICO pulls, cohorted and anonymized through March 2021. Individual results will vary.

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