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What is a monthly spending limit? How can I find mine?
What is a monthly spending limit? How can I find mine?
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A monthly spending limit is the maximum dollar amount that you can charge in subscriptions to your Grow Credit card each month. Our Build and Build Secured plans offer a $17 monthly spending limit, while our premium plans, Grow and Accelerate, offer $50 and $150 monthly spending limits, respectively. Spending limits on cards are common as you are working to build a good credit history, and limits can increase as you grow your credit score.

You can increase your Grow Credit monthly spending limit by upgrading your plan, referring a friend, or becoming a featured user. To read more about increasing your monthly spending limit, check out our article “How can I increase my Grow Credit monthly spending limit?

You can find your monthly Grow Credit spending limit by going to your “My Card” screen on the Grow Credit app or the “My Line of Credit” page on our website.

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