There are a few reasons why a transaction might not process through your Grow Credit card:

  1. Unsupported subscription: Grow Credit is designed to support certain subscriptions, and although we strive to add more to our platform regularly, there are some that we currently do not support. If you are trying to add a subscription that we don’t currently offer, please suggest it by clicking the “Make Request” button at the bottom of the “Add Subscriptions” page of the app.

  2. The cost of the subscription would exceed your current monthly transaction limit: If you are trying to add a subscription to your account that would put your balance above your current monthly account limit, the transaction would be automatically declined. Check out our help center article ““How can I increase my Grow Credit monthly transaction limit?” to learn more.

If neither of these reasons apply and you are still having issues with payments not processing, please email our customer service team at so we can troubleshoot the issue.

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