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When will I have to repay my Grow balance?
When will I have to repay my Grow balance?
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Your monthly payment is due 10 days after we email your statement to you. We'll automatically process the payment with your default payment method on the due date. Charges from the current billing period will be due on your next statement.

If you don’t want to wait until the due date, you can also manually process a payment after your statement is available by going to the “My Card” section of the mobile app, tapping on the “Statement” icon on the top right of the screen, and tapping on “Payment Options.”

The Grow Credit card has a monthly spending limit, so it's not designed to spend to the limit, pay it off, and spend again. The program builds monthly credit history automatically, so it doesn't need to be paid down to zero to do that. Even if you pay your bill early, we still report the balance to the credit bureaus so it can build your credit history.

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