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What payment options are available for my Grow Credit bill? Can I use a debit card or Paypal?
What payment options are available for my Grow Credit bill? Can I use a debit card or Paypal?
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Grow Credit accepts the following payment options to pay off your monthly statement:

  • ACH withdrawal from the bank account you linked when you signed up (recurring automatic payment). ACH payments take 3-5 business days to process.

  • Debit card (one-time manual payment, or recurring automatic payment)

  • PayPal (one-time manual payment). PayPal is only an available payment option after your due date.

By default, Grow Credit will automatically withdraw your payment from your bank account every month. If you would like to switch your automatic payment to your debit card or make a one-time manual payment via debit card or Paypal, follow the instructions below:

How to Add a Debit Card

Step 1: Log in to your Grow Credit account on the website or app. On the app, tap “View Statements,” then “Payment Options.” On the website, click “PAYMENTS.”

Step 2: Click on “Payment Options.” (Note: this button will only be available if you have a statement due.)

Step 3: Click the “Add” button to the right of “Debit Card.” Enter your debit card information and click “Save.”

Once you have added your debit card, you can either designate it as your payment method for a one-time payment, or you can set it as your default automatic monthly payment method on future statements.

How to Make a One-Time Payment with a Debit Card

Step 1: After adding a debit card to your account, make a one-time debit card payment by clicking on the "Pay" button and follow the prompts:

How to Set Your Debit Card as Your Default Automatic Payment Option

Step 1: To choose your default automatic payment option, click the "Auto Pay" switch next to the payment option:

Once set, all future automatic payments will be withdrawn using the selected payment method.

Note: In order to choose your debit card as your default payment option, you MUST first make a manual payment using that card. To do so, while you are making your first manual payment, make sure to click the recurring check box as shown below:

How to Make a One-Time Payment with PayPal

To make a one-time PayPal payment, click on the PayPal button and follow the prompts:

Note: At the moment, you cannot use PayPal as a recurring automatic payment option. PayPal can be used for one-time manual payments only. This option is only available after your due date.

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