Yes, you can use more than one credit-building method at a time; in fact, we recommend that our users do so.

Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax are the three major credit bureaus where your credit scores are reported. Your score performance varies between all three bureaus since they use different formulas to determine a consumer’s creditworthiness.

For instance, Experian Boost only impacts your score on Experian. In contrast, Grow positively impacts your score on all three credit bureaus, including TransUnion and Equifax.

Self is also a good option; however, their program only lasts a maximum of two years, which is why we recommend users supplement it with a Grow account, since the free plan has no cost. Memberships can be renewed indefinitely, which benefits the length of your credit history, accounting for 15% of your score.

We recommend using secured cards like Chime’s, though a user must secure the card with their personal funds. In contrast, Grow offers unsecured loans that are more convenient, since no up front personal funds are needed to boost scores.

Finally, it is important to remember that the extension of credit is a critical factor in assessing consumers’ repayment capability. Since Experian Boost does not extend credit, the average score impact is lower. We recommend complementing Experian Boost with Grow.

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