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What are my plan options? How do I choose a plan?
What are my plan options? How do I choose a plan?
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Grow Credit currently offers seven plans. Your monthly spending limit and cost depend on your eligibility and which plan you choose. The annual reported limit is calculated based on your monthly spending limit x 12 months.

*Denotes premium plans.

Grow Credit underwrites loans using a proprietary machine learning model that takes the last 60-90 days of your banking activity into account. When you register for Grow and link your bank account via Plaid, Grow analyzes your account to determine which memberships you are eligible for.

We charge fees for our secured and premium-tier accounts because they are considered higher risk from an underwriting perspective. Charging fees allows us to provide higher monthly spending limits or expand access for those who would otherwise be ineligible. We do not charge interest on any Grow Credit accounts.

For additional information regarding plan options and pricing, please visit our Pricing page.

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