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I am having trouble adding my bank account.
I am having trouble adding my bank account.
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We’re sorry if your bank is not supported at this time. Grow Credit partners with Plaid to support over 10,000 banks and credit unions in the United States. Unfortunately, not every bank is supported yet, but Plaid is continuously adding new connections.

If you have an account with another bank that you can use to pay the monthly balance on your Grow card, we recommend using that one temporarily and checking back in a few months to see if Plaid has added your preferred bank to their platform. If none of your current accounts are supported, some banks in Plaid’s network are free with no minimum balance requirements, such as Chime.

If you are running into a technical issue, you may be able to resolve your issue by visiting Plaid’s help center. Please make sure your bank settings allow third-party access. If you’re running into issues with your bank’s multi factor authentication (MFA), you may want to temporarily disable that security function directly with your bank, then try to link your account in the Plaid Portal again.

If you are still having difficulty connecting, please reach out to customer support through the chat box on the bottom right-hand corner of this page or by emailing us at

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